Paddling madeleine

water | Wellness | wander

Paddling madeleine

water | Wellness | wander

Paddling madeleine

Adventures and wellbeing, anywhere there’s water

Hi everyone! In case we don’t know each other, I’m Maddi. 

After struggling with anxiety since my childhood on the Norfolk coast, I’ve realised how significantly being in and around water helps to improve my physical and mental wellbeing.

Via Paddling Madeleine, I want to share my journey with you as I leave London life for West Sussex and seek out blue spaces across the UK, reconnecting with the natural world and the outdoors – finding adventure and escapism in, on and around water. 

I’m currently developing my skills with the Water Skills Academy as a paddle boarding instructor, and seeing where it leads. I’ll also be signing up for yoga teacher training here in Sussex next year.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts, and that they inspire you to seek out adventures and wellbeing anywhere there’s water.

See you soon on the water (or on the mat!)

Maddi x


"The Sea Cures All Ailments of Man"


take to the water...


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